Current projects supported by the ATC® include

  • Radiorepository for the PCORI RADCOMP randomized breast trial
  • Radiorepository for the PCORI COMPPARE proton/photon prostate trial
  • Treatment plan capture and quality assurance for the MGH PARTIQoL trial (NCT01617161).

Completed efforts include

  • As a member of the NCI sponsored Advanced Technology QA Consortium U24 (U24CA81647), the ATC®/ITC provided services for the collection, quality assessment, and analysis of radiotherapy treatment planning data in the context of large, multi-center clinical trials.
  • In its former role as the Image Guided Therapy QA Center (ITC), the ATC® has succeeded in capturing complete, volumetric treatment planning (TP) datasets that can be linked to outcomes for over 20,000 clinical trial patients, facilitating QA review for more than 80 clinical trial protocols (eight clinical trial groups) in the U.S. and abroad. In this role, the ITC also worked cooperatively with the RPC (now IROC-Houston) in providing data collection and QA for phantom dosimetry TP datasets.
  • The ATC® provided core laboratory services for the Augmenix SpaceOAR™ pivotal trial (AGX-11-001-US), involving analysis of multiple plans, imaging modalities, and time points. Services included credentialing of participants, collection and management of radiotherapy and multi-modality imaging datasets, data quality assurance, physician review of contours and doses, physicist review of plan dosimetry, and analysis of imaging and dosimetric metrics for plan quality and efficacy assessment.
  • The ATC® provided data quality assurance for the U.S. Veterans Health Administration Radiation Oncology Practice Accreditation (VHA ROPA)
  • The ATC®provided core services including proton and photon treatment plan capture and quality assurance for the NCI funded MGH and MD Anderson U19 (2U19CA021239 subaward 225395)
  • The ATC® participated in the ACR QRRO Prostate Brachytherapy Survey, supporting collection of treatment planning data and performing dosimetric analysis of treatment plans.