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ATC Resources

  • QuASA2R - Quality Assurance Submission, Archive, Analysis, and Review System
    • ATC Digital Data Submission Procedure
    • ITC Remote Review Tool (Requires password)

    • PLEASE NOTE: To use the ITC Remote Review Tool from this link, please ensure

      • that pop-ups are enabled in your browser, and
      • that your browser's cache policy is to check for newer versions of stored pages on every visit to the page. (See Tools/Internet Options/Temporary Internet Files/Settings... in IE.)

      The configuration of ITC's secure network necessitates copying data from ITC internal servers to the RRT web server when first accessing a data set. Copying takes 10-45 seconds for most data sets. (An estimate of the delay is displayed.)  Since the data are cached on the web server, subsequent accesses are not subject to this delay.
      ITC internal use: click here. External no-cache server use: click here.
  • RTOG Data Exchange Format
  • Other Resources
  • Presentations