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How do I connect to the ITC Secure FTP server?

The ITC uses a Secure FTP server to recieve digital imaging and treatment planning data from institutions participating in ATC-sponsored clinical trials. Secure FTP (SFTP) uses the SSH network protocol and offers several advantages over FTP, including secure (encrypted) transport of usernames, passwords, and data, and compatibility with most firewall configurations.

Please note:
  • Digital data submisions use the ITC Secure FTP server, ITCsubmit.wustl.edu (IP address:
  • You may need to acquire an SFTP client. SFTP client software, both commercial and open-source, is broadly available. Windows clients include WS_FTP Professional (commercial), FileZilla (free/open-source) and WinSCP (free/open-source). For Linux systems, both graphical (gftp) and command-line (sftp) programs are included with most distributions.
  • Please review Instructions for configuring SFTP clients (WS FTP Pro, Filezilla, WinSCP3, and Linux sftp) UPDATED (6/14/06).
  • Problems in connecting to the ITC SFTP server, may be caused by your institution's firewall configuration. An outbound connection from your computer to TCP Port 22 on host ITCsubmit.wustl.edu is required. (Although allowing such a connection is safe, it is sometimes disallowed by default.) Please consult your local firewall/network administrator.
Please visit Uploading Digital Data to ITC on the ATC web site for links to SFTP client software and instructions for specific treatment planning systems.

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