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What do I need to do to become credentialed to participate in a trial?

  • First, please visit the ATC website http://atc.wustl.edu and select the page for the protocol for which you want to be credentialed.
  • Credentialing requirements are protocol specific and may include any or all of the following:
    • Facility Questionnaire
    • Knowledge Assessment Form
    • Digital Data Submission Test – test of exporting data from your treatment planning system and submitted it to the ITC (may be satisfied by the Phantom Dosimetry Test).
    • Phantom Dosimetry Test – contact the RPC to request a phantom. The phantom will be mailed to your institution. Plan and irradiate according to instructions and submit treatment planning data with color isodoses to the ITC. Return phantom and dosimeters/films to the RPC.
    • Rapid Review of initial protocol cases - some protocols require an institution to submit treatment planning data on the first case(s) for study chair approval before the patient(s) can be treated on protocol.
    • Patient Immobilization Test - some (SBRT) protocols require submission of images and repositioning data for review prior to participation.
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