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What is the RPC Phantom Dosimetry Test and how do I request an RPC phantom?

The RPC Phantom Dosimetry Test has been developed to evaluate treatment planning and dose delivery for IMRT and dynamic therapies in clinical trials. The RPC currently has five phantom designs, which include: a stereotactic radiosurgery head phantom, an IMRT head-and-neck phantom, a thorax-lung phantom, a pelvic-prostate phantom, and a liver phantom. Successful irradiation of one of these phantoms is a prerequisite to participation in several IMRT protocols.

The phantoms' basic design consists of an outer plastic shell in the appropriate anatomical shape. The shell can be filled with water and has a compartment that houses the imaging insert or the dosimetry insert. The imaging inserts include target geometry and critical structures that can be seen with CT or MRI. The phantom can be imaged with the insert and the image can be transferred to the treatment planning system for target volume definition. The dosimetry insert, designed to hold radiochromic film and TLD, are inserted into the phantom for the treatment. Treatment planning data are submitted electronically to the ITC for subsequent analysis and comparison with film and TLD measurements.

RPC Phantom Test

  1. Fill out the RPC Phantom Request Form to request shipment of a phantom.
  2. Download phantom irradiation guidelines and forms from the RPC Web Site (Contact RPC at 713-745-8989 with any questions.)
  3. Contact Bill Straube at (314) 362-9762 regarding submission of phantom treatment planning data to the ITC.

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