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What is the relationship between the ATC and the ITC?

  • The Advanced Technology Consortium for Clinical Trials Quality Assurance (ATC) is a National Cancer Institute cooperative agreement with Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. The ATC is a virtual entity composed of four clinical trials QA Centers: ITC, RTOG (HQ dosimetry), RPC, and QARC.
  • The Image Guided Therapy QA Center (ITC) at Washington University in St. Louis functions as the core of the ATC grant. The ITC performs the following functions:
    1. collects digital imaging, treatment planning, and verification data for several cooperative groups
    2. performs Digital Data Integrity Quality Assurance (DDIQA) on clinical trials protocol case data and credentialing data,
    3. provides online remote review facilities for QA evaluation of protocol data, and
    4. coordinates the development of IT infrastructure for advanced technology clinical trials data management and review.

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