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Data Submission to ITC

Digital treatment planning data and accompanying documentation for ATC supported clinical trials are to be sent to the Image Guided Therapy QA Center (ITC) at Washington University in St. Louis. For each credentialing or protocol case submission, the following four items are to be sent to the ITC:
1. Digital Treatment Planning Data (in DICOM RT Format) are to be submitted via Secure FTP or on media. Please contact the ITC (itc@wustl.edu or 314-747-5415) to establish an institutional SFTP account
2. The Digital Data Submission Information (DDSI) Form is an online web form, which provides important information (institutional identification, personnel, treatment dates, etc.) used by the ITC in preparing protocol data for evaluation. Please contact the ITC (itc@wustl.edu or 314-747-5415) for web login information needed to access this form.
3. Color isodose images (used as a check in evaluating digital data) may be sent via email as JPEG or PNG screen captures, or by mail as hardcopy prints. (Please do not use BMP format for images.)
4. Email to itc@wustl.edu alerting the ITC staff that your data have been sumbitted. Please include the protocol number and case number (or indicate "dry-run", "benchmark", "phantom", etc.)
Please use the following mailing address in sending storage media (CDs and tapes) and hardcopy isodoses to the Image-guided Therapy QA Center (ITC):
    Image-guided Therapy Center
4511 Forest Park Ave.
Suite 200
St. Louis, MO 63108

E-mail: itc@wustl.edu
Phone: 314-747-5415
FAX: 314-747-5423