ATC Compliant Treatment Planning Systems Per Modality

Treatment planning systems (TPSs) deemed to be ATC Compliant as of July 14, 2014 are listed in the table below. TPSs listed are those with which ATC protocol participants have submitted complete, reviewable digital data sets. Prospective users should consult the TPS manufacturer to verify the ATC-compliant data exchange capabilities of the TPS version they intend to use for protocol submissions. Please consult the protocol text for any additional credentialing requirements.

Treatment Planning Systems Exchange Format Treatment Modality
Vendor System Version1 3DCRT IMRT Seed
Accuray MultiPlan 1.5.2 D        
BrainLAB iPlan 4.1 2 D      
Elekta CMS Focus/XiO 3.1 R  
CMS XiO 4.3.1 D      
RenderPlan 3D   R        
PrecisePlan 2.01 D      
Nomos Corvus   R   3      
Nucletron Helax TMS   R      
TheraPlan Plus   R        
Oncentra MasterPlan 1.5 D      
3.1 D    
PLATO RTS 2.62 D        
PLATO BPS 14.2.6 D        
SPOT-PRO 3.1-00 D        
PerMedics Odyssey 4.8.02 D    
Philips Pinnacle3   R      
Pinnacle3 8.0h D      
AcqPlan 4.9 R        
Prowess Panther 4.41 D    
RaySearch RayStation D      
Rosses Medical Strata Suite CTPlan 4.0 R        
RTek PIPER 2.1.2 R        
TomoTherapy Hi-ART 3.0 D        
Varian BrachyVision 6.5
(Build 7.1.67)
Eclipse 7.1 D    
VariSeed 7.1 D        

Exchange formats:   D = DICOM RT Objects   R = RTOG Data Exchange Format


Earliest version of treatment planning system with tested compliance.
Please contact BrainLAB for data export procedure.
Requires use of work-around for ATC-compliant submission.

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