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Repeat Credentialing for RTOG Advanced Technology Protocols

This message is to inform RTOG member institutions that it is necessary to repeat some credentialing procedures when technology changes are implemented. This is necessary when the technology changes are considered to be significant as defined by the Medical Physics Committee (MPC) and the Advanced Technology Integration Committee (ATIC). For IMRT credentialing that requires irradiation of a physical phantom supplied by the Radiological Physics Center (RPC), the following changes in technology require a repeat in the credentialing procedure:
  • Changing from standard multileaf collimator IMRT dose delivery to Tomotherapy
  • Changing from any IMRT technique to CyberKnife dose delivery (note that CyberKnife dose delivery is considered to be a related approach that requires IMRT credentialing for use in RTOG protocols)
  • Changing from any of the traditional IMRT delivery techniques to volume arc delivery methods (e.g., RapidArc or VMAT)
Changes in the method used for motion management for treatment in or near the thorax will also require repeating the credentialing process. This re-credentialing is necessary when the new motion management technique requires a different type of phantom irradiation. An example is a change from a technique that uses a stationary phantom irradiation for a lung Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) treatment to an approach that requires a moving phantom. This would be the situation if an institution changes from the use of Automatic Breath Control (ABC) to a tracking technique. If you are uncertain about the need to repeat the credentialing process, please contact Ms. Tammy McGlade at RTOG Headquarters (phone 215-574-3219) and she will help you obtain answers to any questions relating to this matter.

RTOG Broadcast 6/19/2009